Vote on Tally (On-Chain)


This guide describes how to cast a vote on a proposal (on-chain) created on Tally.


1. Visit the Euler on-chain governance dashboard on Tally and connect your wallet where you have EUL voting power.

⚠️ You CANNOT vote if you have not delegated your token., You have to either delegate your token power to yourself or a delegate in order to vote in governance. Self-delegate or delegate to others here.

2. Click on an active proposal of your choice.

3. Click on Vote

4. When voting, voters have the option to vote for or against a proposal or an abstain vote as shown below. Voters also have the option of casting a vote with or without a comment for the community.

5. You will be asked to confirm the vote transaction in your wallet after clicking Submit.

Full Tally documentation can be accessed online at: Tally. The documentation describes how to navigate the web app, voting and delegation and creating a Tally account.

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