Learn how to repay borrowed assets on Euler using funds from a wallet or deposits in Euler


Users can repay their borrowed assets using assets in their wallet are existing assets already deposited into Euler. Users are able to swap assets if they repay using deposited asset that are different from the borrowed assets.


  1. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your wallet or sufficient Euler deposits to repay a loan.

  2. Select the Euler sub-account that you want to repay the loan on.

  3. If repaying the loan using your Wallet Balance, select the liability asset (loaned asset) then the amount you want to repay.

  4. If repaying the loan using Euler deposits, select the liability asset then the amount to repay.

  5. Continue by selecting the swapped asset used to repay the loan and the amount.

    • If necessary, an appropriate swap will be made on an external exchange. Use the gear icon in the top-right to customise swap parameters.

  6. Select Max to repay your full loan (or maximum amount possible based on your wallet balance/Euler deposits).

  7. If a swap is necessary, wait for a quote and click the Swap and Repay button.


Can I repay a loan with a different asset? ****Yes, either from the user's wallet or Euler deposits, which will be swapped for the loaned asset and repaid.

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