Learn how to change asset approvals through Allowances in Euler


Allowances enable users to add, update or revoke approval of the Euler protocol to access markets in the user's wallet. Users can change the amount of tokens in pre-approved markets.


  1. Select an asset from the list.

  2. Enter the amount you wish to allow the protocol to approve for use and click Update.

    • Max will allow the protocol to use the total supply of that token, not just what the user owns.

    • Enter 0 (zero) to restrict the protocol from using any more than zero tokens.

  3. If listed, change the pre-approved amounts by entering a new amount and clicking Update or by selecting Max.

  4. To completely revoke allowance, select the Revoke button.


I've changed my allowances, but now I cannot complete some transactions. ****Make sure the amount in your transaction is allowed in the amount you've permitted in the allowances.

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