Transaction Builder

Learn how to use the transaction builder in Euler


The transaction builder lists all the functions and actions that the user generated via the Quick Action menu, such as deposit, borrow, mint, etc. The transaction builder also enables users to add, remove, rearrange and edit transactions before approving the final transaction.


The transaction builder can be expanded out from the right side of the UI by clicking the OPEN button.

  • Every time you alter your transaction builder, it automatically checks how much gas you will spend and tries to figure out if there will be any errors.

  • Transactions are executed in the order you have specified, and the order of the transactions can be re-arranged in a drag and drop fashion.

  • You are able to send transactions from different sub-accounts at the same time.


An error appeared as I added actions to the transaction builder. ****Check with the Common Errors and make sure the transaction builder is up-to-date with your actions (i.e. Swapping/transfer may become outdated if prices/interest rates significantly changed).

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