Learn more about sub-accounts on Euler


Sub-accounts enable users to create new accounts without having to create or connect different wallets. Users can create sub-accounts to isolate positions, for example. Here are the steps to create sub-accounts.


In the top right navigation, hover over the icon and click on the Create New button, which will automatically add a new sub-account and simultaneously switch to it.

  • There is no cost to create sub-accounts.

  • Part of opening up ourselves to lending on every market means that we have to protect the system against volatile and potentially malicious tokens. To do this we have categorised assets as isolated, cross and collateral.

  • If the asset is isolated, then you can only borrow and lend on one single asset per sub-account.


How many sub-accounts can I create? ****Users can create up to 255 sub-accounts (in addition to their Main account, which is sometimes called sub-account 0). Can I rename sub-accounts? ****No, sub-accounts cannot be renamed. This is because all the information held about users' accounts is retrieved from the blockchain, and adding sub-account names to the chain would be expensive.

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