Learn about how Euler rewards different assets with lending incentives

Staking on Euler is based on Synthetix’s staking contracts. This is an overhaul to Euler’s gauge system, which thanks to eIP51 is modified from its previous iteration coming into effect with the arrival of Epoch 24.

To stake an asset and receive some of the EUL being distributed, users should stake their eTokens into the staking contract.

Should you please, you can immediately unstake your tokens at any time and the accrued EUL earnings will be instantly claimable. There is no lockup period for this staking process.

According to eIP51, the DAO has made the decision to keep the staking rewards program running indefinitely, unless another vote is held to terminate the program. The staking contracts will receive EUL tokens distributed in the following manner:

  • 9,000 EUL per epoch to stakers of WETH market.

  • 5,000 EUL per epoch to stakers of USDC market.

  • 1,000 EUL per epoch to stakers of USDT market.


While these eTokens are held in the staking contract, users should be aware that they cannot collateralise loans. You cannot borrow against tokens that are earning these EUL in the staking contract.

Make sure when depositing assets into the staking contract that if you have any outstanding liabilities, they are adequately collateralised AFTER you have deposited your USDC/USDT/WETH. Your account will be flagged for liquidation otherwise.

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